:: Battle in Arlington Rules

Battle in Arlington Rules

The "Battle in Arlington" 2010 Scenario Paintball Game

Scenario Rules

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Skinny Joe’s Paintball Park

17022 Burn Rd, Arlington, WA, 98223


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There will be 5 check points (flags) throughout the battlefield. Each army will have one of their own flags at each check point, hooked at the bottom. After a troop as raised their own flag, they must take the enemy’s flag and hook it at the bottom. Failure to do so will result in a non flag capture. There will be a referee within visual distance of the flag at all times. Troops are allowed to guard any captured flags. Un capable bases CANNOT be captured.

General Rules

  1. Vitals at all times (Marker, arms and legs do not count. Paint must break in center chest, center back or anywhere on the head.)
  2. Paintballs must break. Splatter does not count.
  3. Surrenders are set at 15ft.  Surrenders result in a capture.
  4. Troops must ALWAYS wear a mask when inside the battlefield.   This includes inside an un capable base
  5. All troops must yell “OUT” when a paintball has struck and broken in their vital areas.  3 strike rule is in effect (i.e. caught cheating or breaking any rules will result in you sitting out for the remainder of the round.
  6. Each army has an uncap able base.
  7. Barrel Bags must be on when exiting the battlefield and entering an un capable base.


Commander  - 1 per Army

  1. He/She or the Executive Officer must be in play at all times.  This means they can be anywhere on the battlefield.
  2. If captured (i.e. Surrendered), her or she gets a free pass back to his/her base
  3. Must have one radio to speak with referees.
  4. Gets use of a marker and pods.
  5. Can travel with other troops.


Executive Officer - 1 per Army

  1. Man under the Commander.  Must stand in for the Commander if he/she decides to enter battle.
  2. Gets use of marker and Pods.
  3. Gets a Radio.
  4. If captured – must report to POW Camp.
  5. Can travel with other troops

Infantry - All remaining troops

  1.  Normal use of Markers.
  2. Can be captured.
  3. Can travel with other troops.

To All Players

If you are shot you must go back to your appointed base. Once you have entered the base, you may go back into battle once you are ready. There will be tables set inside of each base so that a player can reload paint and so forth if they choose to do so.


POW Camps

When a player is captured, he/she must report to the enemy’s POW Camp until rescued.

  1. Rescues occur when an allied member rings the bell on the front of the POW Camp.
  2. Once troops are rescued, they are open to battle once leaving the POW Camp.
  3. Must not shoot from or into a POW Camp.
  4. When a bell is rang for a POW Camp, it releases all prisoners.


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