Paintball and Airsoft Field

Paintball Field Details

Paintball and Airsoft Field
5110 Lackey Rd KP N
Vaughn, WA 98394
Pierce County

Paintball and Airsoft Field is currently unavailable.

The nearest field that we know of is Master Blaster's Paintball Park in Grapeview, Washington.  Master Blaster's does not participate in

The nearest participating field is Puyallup Paintball Park in Orting, Washington.

Tacoma Paintball Field

Paintball Airsoft Field is located near Tacoma, Fort Lewis, and Bremerton on Key Peninsula in Vaughn, Washington. Paintball & Airsoft Field's location is also convenient from other Pierce and South King County cities.  This is an outdoor paintball field

Paintball and Airsoft Field has places for picnics with BBQ grills and campsites.   Local pizza delivery is available.  Snacks and beverages are also available on-site.  They even have overnight and weekend games!  (Reservations Required)

Paintball and Airsoft also features CO2 and Compressed air!


Paintball & Airsoft Field was formerly known as Paintball Sports Field.


Paintball & Airsoft Field Description

Wooded trail with bunkers at Paintball & Airsoft Field in Vaughn, Washington

Paintball & Airsoft Field features wooded trails with bunkers, a paintball tower, target range, double decker fort and speed court. This is in addition to their regular fields and bunkers.  Many of the  features are made with logs.

Paintball & Airsoft Field is divided into several courses.  Some of the courses and features are described below.


Paintball Tower

Paintball Tower at Paintball & Airsoft Field in Vaughn, Washington

The paintball tower at Paintball & Airsoft Field is 16 feet tall and features log walls.


Target Range

Paintball Target Range at Paintball & Airsoft Field in Vaughn, Washington.

Everyone loves shooting paintballs!  Sometimes it's fun to just shoot at stuff, so Paintball & Airsoft has built a paintball target range.


Double Decker Fort

Paintball Double Decker Fort at Paintball & Airsoft Field in Vaughn, Washington.

The double decker fort is made with fir logs and holds about 30 paintball players.


Log Walls

Paintball Log Wall at Paintball & Airsoft Field in Vaughn, Washington.

Log walls or bunkers are found throughout Paintball & Airsoft Field.


Spool Paintball Field

Spool Field at Paintball & Airsoft Field in Vaughn, Washington.

The spool paintball course features large spools laid out on a grassy field.  It has an open feel while provided excellent protection. 


Private Groups

You can make reservations for your paintball birthday party, bachelor party, corportate group, church group and more from this page.  Paintball at Paintball and Airsoft Field is unbelievable fun for birthday and bachelor parties.  It is also very popular with church groups.  Paintball makes an ideal team building activity for Corporate groups.


Reserserve your group at Paintball & Airsoft Field today!


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