Shadow Walker

Paintball Field Details

Shadow Walker Paintball Field
2480 Hwy 20
Greybull, WY 82426
Big Horn County

Shadow Walker Paintball is closed.

Wyoming Paintball Field

Shadow Walker Paintball Field is an outdoor paintball field near Yellow Stone National Park in Greybull, Wyoming.


Shadow Walker Paintball Field Description

Shadow Walker Paintball Field is located on 150 acres of Russian Olives and sage brush.  It is divided into 6 courses described below.

Natural Field

Trails through shrubs and undergrowth make for interesting skirmishes and great ambushes. Open spaces and key bunkers, with flanking barriers make strategy a must for this field.

Tire Field

The Tire Field is filled with stacks of tires.  Itís a little narrow right now, but we will continue to add to it as we gather more tires.  It is a great mirror field and ideal for use in big games.


Paintball Fort at Shadow Walker Paintball Field in Greybull, Wyoming

This is the new Paintball Fort - it has the Bunker and Tin Fields on one side and the Tire Field on the other.  We will continue to add fields around it so that it can be attacked from all sides.

Barrier Field

Barrier Field at Shadow Walker Paintball Field in Greybull, Wyoming


Speedball dream field. Bunkers are strategically positioned for fun and challenge. Capture the flag, center flag, and elimination are ideal paintball games for this field.

Bunker Field

Bunker Field at Shadow Walker Paintball Field in Greybull, Wyoming

Dugout bunkers built into two opposing sides of a hill are the highlights of Bunker Field. Both sides fortified well to create difficult advance and costly retreat. Take the high ground and control the top or run round the bottom and slide into the flank.

Tin Field

Tin Field at Shadow Walker Paintball Field in Greybull, Wyoming

Private Groups

You can make reservations for your paintball birthday party, bachelor party, corportate group, church group and more from this page.  Paintball at Shadow Walker Paintball Field is unbelievable fun for birthday and bachelor parties.  It is also very popular with church groups.  Paintball makes an ideal team building activity for Corporate groups.

Reserserve your group today!


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