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Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft Park
17020 Burn Rd
Arlington, WA 98223
Snohomish County

Call Monkey Time Direct at (360) 799-5431.

Arlington Paintball Field

Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft Park is an outdoor paintball field near Everett, Marysville and Mount Vernon in Arlington, Washington.  Everyone here works hard toward one goal; to ensure that you safely have a great time.

Paintball Field Description

Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft Park is over 30 acres of woods and varied terrain. The paintball park is currently divided into 5 courses of various sizes.

Private Groups

You can make reservations for your paintball birthday party, bachelor party, corportate group, church group and more from this page.

Food and Drink

Monkey Time sells bottled water, soft drinks and snack foods.


A nearby pizza place delivers to Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft Park.  Monkey Time's either Granite Falls Alfy's Pizza (360) 691-5411 or Arlington Pizza Factory (360) 435-8701.


Monkey Time does not have barbecue grills.  You may, however, bring your own barbecue grill and set it up on the outer edge of the gravel parking lot if there is room.

Bring Your Own

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink.  This is often an easy and convenient way to have exactly what you want.  It is very common to bring birthday cakes and other treats.

No Alcohol!

Alcohol or drugs and paintball do not mix!  Alcohol consumption is not allowed on the premises.  Do not consume alcohol before you come to play!  The same is true for any drugs or medicines that may impair your judgement.  Monkey Time Paintball reserves the right to eject, without refund, any person they think is impaired by alcohol or other substances.

Paintball Photo Gallery

One of our most popular features is the "Paintball Action Shots" Photo Gallery.  We take photos of you and your friends playing at Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft Park and post them on our Facebook page!  Go to:


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