Paintball Paradise

Paintball Field Details

Paintball Paradise Paintball Field
3523 East Hwy 114
Rhome, TX 76078
Wise County

Rhome Paintball Field

Paintball Paradise is an outdoor paintball field located near Fort Worth,  Decatur, Springtown, and Weatherford in Rhome, Texas.  Paintball Paradise is also convenient to Paradise and other cities in this area of Texas.  See the chart below for distances and drive times to other cities and points of interest.

Paintball Paradise is one of the Best  organized paintball fields in Texas.  It was started and continues to be run by a paintball nut bringing a fun and interesting  perspective to create a unique and fun field.   

Paradise Store frount Store at paintball paradise
Shop and check in area Inside the shop`


Paintball Paradise Description

Paradise air bunker Field Air Bunker field at Paradise

Paintball Paradise is located on 7 acres and consists of 3 courses.  Paintball Paradise also features a variety of  course types.  You'll find air ball and wooden bunkers .  One field even features an old west. There is also a great pro shop, food shack and great safety zones.


Air Fill station and snack pavilion   

Fill station area at paradise Food at paintball paradise
Got your fill right here air or food

Paintball Paradise features a full survace fill area for both food and compressed gasses.


Family friendly

Group having fun at paintball Paradise Group at Paintball Paradise hanging in the picknic tables
Looking tuff, having fun Kids love to play!

Looking for that opportunity  to bring the family  together? The family will enjoy a day at paintball paradise. You get an opportunity to teach values like teamwork and good sportsmanship while having the time of you life.  What could be better?


Shoot out at high noon

Town field at paintball Paradise in Rhome TX Old west town at paintball paradise paintball field in rhome tx
Shoot your boss, you'll find this is the perfect field to do it.

The shoot out field or old west theme area allows for people to face one on one, many on many or any combo in between. It does not take a rocket scientists to see that course lends itself to several interesting types of games.

Safety area with a little style

Safety area at paintball paradise Group hanging on picnic table
Hang under the palm tree cabin between sets.

There is room enough for the family to watch as you lay down the paintball law on your foes.  When taking it to the people you can need a place to rest. The safety are at paintball Paradise field is just that area.  being close enough to the field to watch rounds out this tropical oasis nicely.

Old west town and building

City corse at paintball paradise in rhome Town to pay in at paintball paradise
Dose that look like fun or what?

The old west building is tons of fun and more than a challenge to any who dear to take it.  You get your self in but getting out is a whole other story.  Allow your imagination to soar and follow your inner child back to the shootouts at high noon.  All player beginner though pro will love the simplistic genius way in which this field has been laid out.  More pics of this field above.

Field Paint Only

Paintball Paradise is a "Field Paint Only" paintball field (FPO).  This means that only paintballs purchased from Paintball Paradise on the day of play may be used at Paintball Paradise.

Alcohol and Drugs

For your safety and the safety of others, the consumption of alcohol or other drugs that may impair your judgment or coordination is not allowed before or during your visit.  Do not bring alcohol onto the premises.  Paintball Paradise reserves the right to eject any player(s) without refund that its employees think may be impaired or bring alcohol or other drugs onto the premises.


Distances and Drive Times to Paintball Paradise

Paintball Paradise is ideally located for people living or traveling in Rhome, Texas.

The chart below shows distances and drive times to Paintball Paradise from nearby cities and points of interest:

Texas Cities


Drive Time

Fort Worth, Texas

32.6 miles

38 minutes
Rhome, Texas

4.5 miles

7 minutes

Decatur, Texas

12.6 miles

24 minutes

Springtown, Texas

14.6 miles

24 minutes

Weatherford, Texas

30.7 miles

54 minutes

Paradise, Texas 11.2 miles

13 minutes



Texas Points of Interest


Drive Time

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

34 miles

42 minutes

Rhome Meadows Airport, Rhome, Texas

12.7 miles

18 minutes

Caddo-LBJ National Grasslands, Alvord, TX

29.6 miles

32 minutes

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

32.4 miles

40 minutes

Distances and travel times provided by Google Maps on 04-21-2011
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