Safety Wolf

Paintball Field Details

Safety Wolf Recreation Outpost
4215 Thurman Rd
Conley, GA 30288

Safety Wolf has closed permanently.

Atlanta Paintball Field

Safety Wolf Paintball Field is an outdoor and indoor paintball field located near East Point, Hapeville, Panthersville and East Atlanta in Conley, Georgia.  Safety Wolf Paintball Field is also convenient to Lake City and other cities in southeast Atlanta.  See the chart below for distances and drive times to other cities and points of interest.

Safety Wolf Paintball Field is one of the Largest Indoor paintball fields in Georgia.  It is located on a former truckstop and motel.  The location and size of the two story facility brings a special perspective make for an amazing paintball experience.   

Safety Wolf Atlanta Outer View Safety Wolf Atlanta Multi outdoor view
Good View of the building at Safety Wolf


Safety Wolf Paintball Field Description

  Safety Wolf Atlanta Comm Center Bunker House at Safety Wolf
Comm Area Bunker building

Safety Wolf Paintball Field is located on a 30 acre site including the 90,000 square foot indoor facility.  This is not a misprint!  The indoor portion of Safety Wolf is 90,000 square feet. indoor.  Safety Wolf Paintball Field also features a variety of other indoor and outdoor bunkers.  You'll find 100 rooms indoor and other outdoor fields on site as well.  One field features a Comm Uplink area to defend.  Another features a 200 foot long indoor fighting arena.  There are also areas with camouflaged bunkers and tank bunkers.


Outdoor Courses

View Of the Outdoor field At Safety Wolf Paintball Fun Outdoor Field at Safety Wolf
Outdoor field at Safety Wolf Paintball Field Atlanta

Safety Wolf Paintball Field currently has two outdoor courses.  One paintball course features bunkers and barricades that they have constructed out of various materials.  They make major changes every few months to keep things interesting for you.

The other outdoor paintball course at Safety Wolf is a woodsball course.


Safety - Staging Area

One of the ready points at Safety Wolf Paintball Safety Wolf Paintball Facility overview map
Safety area Facility Layout

The safety area with plenty of people loading up to go out and play.  There is also indoor area to get ready for groups.   Look at the size of this place, amazingly huge indoor area.


Indoor Paintball Courses at Safety Wolf

There are 3 essentially identical indoor courses at Safety Wolf Paintball Field.  This allows them to accommodate several groups simultaneously.

Hall Paintball Course
Taking the hall Ducking and weaving down the hall
Great Hall Battle

The Hall at Safety Wolf Paintball Field lends itself to several interesting types of games.

Target Area

Cool Alien Bunker Shooting Range at Safty Wolf Paintball Field
Shooting area and target

The Alien target and shooting area at Safety Wolf Paintball Field.

Note:  Courses may have changed since these photos were posted and descriptions written.

Food and Drink at Safety Wolf Paintball Field

Safety Wolf Paintball Field has a grill, full kitchen and snack bar.  Hot and cold food items are available at reasonable prices. 

Food and drink choices available at Safety Wolf Paintball Field include:

  • Hamburgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Selection of chips
  • Selection of soft drinks
  • Candy and other snack foods


Field Paint Only

Safety Wolf Paintball Field is a "Field Paint Only" paintball field.  This means that only paintballs purchased from Safety Wolf Paintball Field on the day of play may be used at Safety Wolf paintball.

Alcohol and Drugs

For your safety and the safety of others, the consumption of alcohol or other drugs that may impair your judgment or coordination is not allowed before or during your visit.  Do not bring alcohol onto the premises.  Safety Wolf Paintball Field reserves the right to eject any player(s) without refund that its employees think may be impaired or bring alcohol or other drugs onto the premises.


Distances and Drive Times to Safety Wolf Paintball Field

Safety Wolf Paintball Field is ideally located for people living or traveling in the Southeast corner of Atlanta, Georgia.

The chart below shows distances and drive times to Safety Wolf Paintball Field from nearby  cities and points of interest:

Georgia Cities


Drive Time

Atlanta, Georgia

8.7 miles

17 minutes
Fayetteville, Georgia

20.2 miles

32 minutes

Mcdonough, Georgia

24 miles

28 minutes

Athens, Georgia

67.1 miles

1 hour, 32 minutes

Southside, Atlanta, Georgia

5.6 miles

12 minutes

Decatur, Georgia 11.3 miles

22 minutes



Georgia Points of Interest


Drive Time

Interstate 285 and Interstate 675

1.5 miles

4 minutes

Fort Gillem, Forest Park, GA

4.7 miles

10 minutes

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport,  Atlanta, GA

11.5 miles

18 minutes

Browns Mill Golf Course, Atlanta, GA

4.8 miles

11 minutes

Southside Sports Complex, Atlanta, GA

8 miles

3.2 minutes

Georgia State University (GSU), Decatur, GA

6.7 miles

16 minutes

Distances and travel times provided by Google Maps on March 6, 2011
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