Paintball Bonanza :: Paintball Bonanza Field Rules

Paintball Bonanza Field Rules

Paintball Bonanza Field Rules

#1 is Safety

Paintball Marker (gun)

All equipment must be maintained in a safe manner when in and out of play. Barrel blocking device must be in at all times except shooting at the target range or notified by staff before game begins. Players with own gear must have blocking device in securely before engaging air system on their marker. All players, Safety must be on, fingers off the trigger and Paintball Marker is held by the fore grip or hose in front of the trigger guard with barrel point to the sky or slung on shoulder. We are holding are Paintball Markers in this manner because some players just cannot seem to keep their barrel pointed in a safe manner when not in play. No shooting anywhere except target range or in a game. Everyone knows real gun safety, letís maintain our Paintball Markers in the same manner. This prevents accidents from happening.


Goggles are the most important gear Paintball players have. Goggles are to be worn at all times when required. Zero tolerance is our policy.

Hit Zones

Anywhere on the body, a quarter size (the size of a 25 cent piece) or larger splat of paint, eliminates a player from that game. Games are 10-15-20 minutes long depending on the field of play. Paintball Bonanza does not count a hit on the Paintball Marker (gun). This also does not count as an elimination: Hits smaller than a quarter size, speckles of paint (splatter) and ball did not break when hit (bounced off). Anytime a player raises their Paintball Marker in the air and/or yells hit, that player is eliminated because they called themselves out/hit.

Surrender Policy

Getting close to a player, within 20 feet ask that player to surrender. We frown on players shooting too closely. If a player resists the surrender, tag that player below the knees, toward that will eliminate the player, 3 or 5 shots should do the trick, we do not have to machine gun them down. No bunkering or barrel tagging. You can tap them on the shoulder with your hand and tell that player they are out. Whatever the age or experience level, all players came to have a good time. Letís all play with sportsmanship.

Paintball Velocity

Paintball Markers will be measured for speed by field staff and set at field limits. Rentals will already be tested and set. Between 250 fps Ė 260 fps.

Other Rules

  • No Climbing Trees player must stay on level ground.
  • Shoes must be laced for adequate ankle support.
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