Paintball Bonanza

Paintball Field Details

Paintball Bonanza Paintball Field
6500 Gold Moss Dr.
Houston, TX 77085

Houston Paintball Field

Paintball Bonanza Paintball field is an outdoor paintball field located near Jersey Village, Aldine, Katy, and Bunker Hill Village in Houston, Texas.  Paintball Bonanza Paintball field is also convenient to Pasadena and other cities in Texas.  See the chart below for distances and drive times to other cities and points of interest.

Paintball Bonanza Paintball field is one of the best decorated paintball fields  in Texas.  It was started and continues to be run by a paintball devote (as you might expect).  He brings  amazing scenarios to life and a cool perspective to create a unique and fun field.   This field is one of the closest fields to the greater Houston area convenient to the medical center.

Paintball Bonanza Group haning area Group having fun at paintball bonanza
Safety zone at Paintball Bonanza Everyone loves chilling at the Bonanza!


Paintball Bonanza's great hiding places

Player behind big bunker at paintball Bonanza player in bunker at paintball bonanza
Player ready to pounce from behind bunker Great sniper hole at PB Bonanza

Paintball Bonanza Paintball field is located on a great big area with a ton of fun courses with amazing painted designs.  Paintball Bonanza Paintball field also features a variety of field types.  You'll find a kill house course, bunkers, and a great shooting range.  One field even features a faux village.  Another features  hanging targets.  There are also areas with painted people, and unique bunkers of various materials.


Target range

Target Range at paintball Bonanza Big Target at Paintball Bonanza
Plenty of things to test you aim on in the shooting range

Paintball Bonanza takes practice very personally.  There are tons of unique targets in this practice range. Paintball field features as target pictured above in the range to give new players and old a fun and unique paintball experience.  You will find that Bonanza has taken special precautions to ensure that each part of the facility is different than what you see around at other fields.  


Rental gear and safety talk area

Paintball Bonanza Field Safety talk area Paintball rental gear at paintball bonanza
Safety talk area out of the sun Pic of the rental gear

Paintball Bonanza takes safety very seriously and has dedicated the shelter above to increase awareness for player safety Paintball field lends itself to several interesting types of games.


Camo Course with military Paintball Bunkers

Bunkers made of camo with stares at Paintball Bonanza Other camo bunkers bonanza
Towers and Camo bunkers a plenty

This field  at Paintball Bonanza Paintball field lends itself to several interesting types of games including captor the flag and president men.

Safety area/ dead box

Dead Box at paintball Bonanza in Houston TX Another Dead Box at Paintball Bonanza
Unique feature of the field having many dead boxes.

The dead box or safety area pictured above may not seam like that nice of a feature to the new player but to old pros they get it right away.  When paintballing some too tons of your time and energy is taken walking back to the safety are between games to get a snack or clean off paint.  The beautifully thing about this facility is that they don't have that problem.  there are Safety areas everywhere and you don't have to go more than a couple of steps to be able to take off you mask.  You get more play time with this set up and less energy going into walking back and forth.  Once you play with this type of convenience you will never want to go back to the old lame way of walking 1/4 mile between games winch is what many fields require.

Firing line over Paintball Bunkers

Building at paintball Bananza in Houston texas Paintball Bonanza Paintball Field Group Fireing
Different groups of players firing from behind solid bunkers

Mixed  Courses and terrain

Player in field at paintball bonanza Two Players at Paintball Bonanza
chilling in the open or behind a bunker you can not go wrong at Bonanza

The player pictured above at Paintball Bonanza Paintball field shows several of the different terrain that are available.   You will be very pleased with the many different types of fields to chose from and there playability.

Old West  Course

Paintball Bonanza town Excelent town at paintball bonanza
The Town at Paintball Bonanza field

Getty up in to this old west theme paintball course.  You can duel at high noon or mosey to the corner store to handle you business.  Just make to always have you weapon ready as you never know what will happen.  All the stander games can be played on this field with many  variations to fit the time period.  The field is very popular with birthday party's for kids and corporate groups taking down the corrupt sheriff.  let you imagination sore and be free as you play on this theme section of the park.

Field Paint Only

Paintball Bonanza Paintball field is a "Field Paint Only" paintball field (FPO).  This means that only paintballs purchased from Paintball Bonanza Paintball field on the day of play may be used at Paintball Bonanza Paintball field.

Alcohol and Drugs

For your safety and the safety of others, the consumption of alcohol or other drugs that may impair your judgment or coordination is not allowed before or during your visit.  Do not bring alcohol onto the premises.  Paintball Bonanza Paintball field reserves the right to eject any player(s) without refund that its employees think may be impaired or bring alcohol or other drugs onto the premises.


Distances and Drive Times to Paintball Bonanza Paintball field

Paintball Bonanza Paintball field is ideally located for people living or traveling in Houston, Texas.  This field is very close to the medical center ands is within the I 10 loop.

The chart below shows distances and drive times to Paintball Bonanza Paintball field from nearby  cities and points of interest:

Texas Cities


Drive Time

Jersey Village, Texas

5.2 miles

12 minutes
Aldine, Texas

19.3 miles

26 minutes

Houston, Texas

16.2 miles

25 minutes

Bunker Hill Village, Texas

7.5 miles

14 minutes

Katy, Texas

20.1 miles

27 minutes

Pasadena, Texas 32.4 miles

41 minutes



Texas Points of Interest


Drive Time

Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas

19.8 miles

31 minutes

Memorial Park, Houston, Texas

13.2 miles

21 minutes

Hobby Airport, Houston, Texas

28.8 miles

37 minutes

Georg Bush International Airport, Houston, TX

24.7 miles

36 minutes

Distances and travel times provided by Google Maps on 04-14-2011
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