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Splatterhouse Paintball Field
1408 Lakeside Drive
Brookshire, TX 77423

Houston Paintball Field

Splatterhouse Paintball Field is an outdoor paintball field located west of Houston near  Pecan Grove, Rosenberg and Weston Lakes in Brookshire, Texas.  Splatterhouse Paintball is also close to Katy, Texas.  In fact it is only 6 minutes from Katy Mills Mall.  Splatterhouse Paintball Field is convenient to Wallis and other cities in south-east Texas.  See the chart below for distances and drive times to other cities and points of interest

Splatterhouse Paintball Field has a variety of themed paintball courses.  The names of the courses are closely tied to the games you play on each.

Here's a group gettin ready to play at Splatterhouse Paintball Field. Covered break area at Splatterhouse Paintball

Paintball Group ready to play!

Break area at Splatterhoulse



Splatterhouse Paintball Field Description

Group near airball course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field Player hiding behind air bunkers at Splatterhouse Paintball Field

Players near airball course

Player behind air bunker

Splatterhouse Paintball Field covers serveral acres and consists of at least 4 themed paintball courses.  You can re-enact the battle of the Alamo, rescue a squad member, play speed ball, airball, and much more. 


The Alamo Paintball Course

The Alamo at Splatterhouse Paintball Field

The Alamo Paintball Course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field

Imagine you go back in history to the battle of the Alamo.  You can be one of the few defenders, or one of the many attackers.  


Normandy Paintball Course

Paintball players near tanker truck on the Normandy course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field. Paintball player near spools on the Normandy paintball course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field.

Players near tanker truck

Players near spools

Many of the troops landing at Normandy during World War II could not advance until machine gun nests were eliminated.  The Normandy paintball course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field emulates that problem.  It's great fun and a challenge to be on either side during games on this course! 


Man Down Paintball Course


Man Down Paintball course at Splatterhouse Paintball

The Man Down paintball course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field

You and your squad are ambushed as you return from a successful mission.  One of your members is injured and needs rescue.  You and your team must accomplish this rescue moving through hostile territory.


The Gallows Paintball Course

The Gallows paintball course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field. Another view of The Gallows Paintball course at Splatterhouse Paintball field.

The Gallows Paintball Course at Splatterhouse Paintball

This town believes executing speedy justice may be more important than executing the right person.  Your team member has been wrongly accused and convicted.  You only have minutes to rescue your friend!


Hyperball Course

Hyperball field at Splatterhouse Paintball Field Another view of the Hyperball course at Splatterhouse Paintball Field

Hyperball course

Splatterhouse Paintball Field features a hyperball paintball course.


Field Paint Only

Splatterhouse Paintball Field is a "Field Paint Only" paintball field (FPO).  This means that only paintballs purchased from Splatterhouse Paintball Field on the day of play may be used at Splatterhouse Paintball Field.

Alcohol and Drugs

For your safety and the safety of others, the consumption of alcohol or other drugs that may impair your judgment or coordination is not allowed before or during your visit.  Do not bring alcohol onto the premises.  Splatterhouse Paintball Field reserves the right to eject any player(s) without refund that its employees think may be impaired or bring alcohol or other drugs onto the premises.


Distances and Drive Times to Splatterhouse Paintball Field

Splatterhouse Paintball Field is ideally located for people living or traveling in Houston, Texas.

The chart below shows distances and drive times to Splatterhouse Paintball Field from nearby cities and points of interest:

Texas Cities


Drive Time

Katy, Texas

8.6 miles

11 minutes
Houston, Texas

35.8 miles

45 minutes

Columbus, Texas

 36.9 miles

40 minutes

Sugar Land, Texas

28.7 miles

42 minutes

Jersey Village, Texas

31.1 miles

39 minutes

Cinco Ranch, Texas 15.2 miles

22 minutes



Texas Points of Interest


Drive Time

Hobby Airport, Houston, Texas

48 miles

57 minutes

Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX

33.3 miles

43 minutes

University of Texas , Houston, Texas

39 miles

50 minutes

George Bush Park, Houston, Texas

19.9 miles

31 minutes

Distances and travel times provided by Google Maps on 04-21-2011
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