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Posted: Apr 6, 2011 16:37:00
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Directions to paintball fields generated by GPS units,  online maps are often wrong and lead to calls from lost players.  It is best to rely on directions and maps to paintball fields provided by Maps and Directions

Why use maps and directions?

Directions to paintball fields generated by GPS units, Google and other online maps are often wrong and lead to calls from lost players.  Online maps and GPS units rely on information that is mostly reliable.  Sometimes what they see as a road is only a right of way.  In many of these cases a road will never be built.  If you are unfamiliar with the area you will find yourself at a deadend with no idea how to get to your destination.

At we have learned from experience to manually confirm all the details that we can.  We want to save you from the frustration of trying to take an impossible route.

Sometimes a GPS unit or online map based on the paintball field's addres is great.  Sometimes we have to adjust the location.  Sometimes online maps give an accurate location, but generate directions that take an impossible route. works hard to confirm the reliability of our maps and directions.  Our goal is to provide accurate and easy to follow maps and directions so you can arrive without problems.  We use Google maps when we can, but we often customize them.  While our maps and directions are not always perfect, they tend to be far more reliable overall than GPS units and online maps.

Comments on Maps and Directions

Peggy Jan 22, 2012 05:16:24
Grade A stuff. I'm unquestionably in your debt.
Johnelle Jan 22, 2012 04:14:48
It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with expertise.
Burchard Jan 22, 2012 03:06:36
Knocked my socks off with knowledge!
Artrell Jan 22, 2012 02:19:20
Good to find an epxret who knows what he's talking about!
Justis Jan 21, 2012 20:17:02
Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wrtiing.

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