Action Zone Sports :: What are TAC-Balls?

What are TAC-Balls?

Action Zone Sports is located at the Northtown Mall in Spokane Washington.  Go to or call for information and reservations.



Action Zone Sports Field

What are TAC-Balls?


TAC-Balls are low-impact reusable paintballs.  There is no messy paint.  There is therefore no clean up after you play.

TAC-Balls are not actually paintballs.  They are the same size but contain no "paint".  They therefore make no mess.  You can have your "paintball party" at the mall and go on to other activites without the need for extensive clean up.

They are also shot a lower velocity and may not sting as much as paintballs.

TAC-Ball is actually a trade mark, but the term is also used generically for any re-useable .68 calibre "tactical gaming balls".



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