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Nehemiah International supports the Miwani Centre in Kenya. Miwani Centre is a 130 acre farm and facility that provides many vocational training opportunities for young Kenyan men and women.

The core of Nehemiah is an apprentice program for young Kenyan men and women. Using the farm, bakery, and dairy as classrooms, the apprentices are trained in skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. A clinic was started in December 2010 and it seeks to provide basic health care for the community at large as there is no medical facilities in the immediate area. English proficiency and health education are other major tenants of this work.

In addition, Nehemiah works to show Christ through nurturing instruction and through living in a community of believers. Four orphan boys are currently living with two of the families on the farm.

Another 11 young men and women who have grown up on the farm are now being supported by Nehemiah as they pursue their high school diplomas at area boarding schools or in Universities.

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