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Paintball Gear to Go Deposit from Virtual Assault Paintball

Paintball Gear to Go Deposit from Virtual Assault Paintball
Virtual Assault Paintball Field
4103 East Mission Ave
Spokane, WA 99202
My Reservation Details
Total Cost for 1 Players
Additional Players + $25.00 each
Reservation Deposit
Additional Players + $10.00 each
Due on Play Date
Additional Players + $15.00 each
SKU SKU16475
Total Cost: $25.00
Reservation Deposit Paid Today: $10.00
Due on Play Date: $15.00
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Requires the use of Field Paint Only. You must cancel or change play date or time at least 3 days before play time or forfeit deposit. Security deposit required. View Terms

Product Details

Your Paintball Gear to Go from Virtual Assault Paintball Includes:
  • 24 Hour Equipment Rental
  • Private, Unsupervised Games

Each Player Receives:

  • Use of Paintball marker (gun) with hopper and 12 oz CO2 tank
  • Use of Protective Full Face Mask/Goggles
  • 0 paintballs (Purchase from Virtual Assault Paintball seperately)
  • Paintball at your location

Paintball Gear to Go is available any day of the week and requires reservations with a $10 per set of equipment Reservation Deposit. There is no minimum number of sets required.

Additional filled CO2 tanks are available for an additional charge.

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

You, the customer, assume all responsibility for the suitability of your site, the proper supervision of all players and all liability.

After you pay your reservation deposit, you will pick up the equipment from Virtual Assault Paintball at the agreed time and location. You will return the equipment at the agreed time to Virtual Assautl Paintball.

Sales tax will be calculated on the total cost and added to your balance when you pick up your equipment.

Equipment Deposit
Paintball Gear to Go requires a $100 deposit per set of equipment rented. This is separate from the Reservation Deposit. You will pay the Equipment Deposit when you pick up the equipment. You may pay the Equipment Deposit by check or credit card. Your check will not be deposited or credit card charged unless you fail to return the equipment on time.

The total value of the gear may be more than the Equipment Deposit. You are responsible for the difference. Replacement value is based on retail costs.

You will sign a written agreement at Virtual Paintball with details.

Paintball Purchase
Only use paintball purchased from Virtual Assault Paintball may be used in rental equipment.  You are required to purchase at least 500 paintballs per gun or 1 case (2,000) for each 5 guns

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