Monkey Time :: Sunday Give-Back Series at Monkey Time Paintball


Paintball players wearing suits and ties  

Basic Information

Monkey Time Paintball Park will donate the entire entry fee of every player to the charity of the month. Monkey Time may also donate a portion of the paintball sales.

  • Cost: You determine amount + tax. Please be as generous as you can. (Monkey Time will calculate the amount of sales tax due on your entry fee.)
  • When: First Sunday of October 2012. (See Schedule below)
  • Time: 11 am to 4 pm.

Sunday Give Back: entry $ by donation.
Entry fee will be a donation of your choice, please be as generous as possible. Monkey Time Paintball is donating all of the entry fees to the charity of the month.
Entry fee Includes:

  • On-site rental of paintball gun.
  • Mask.
  • Compressed air tank.
  • Compressed air refills until you are done playing.
  • DOES NOT include paintballs. (Field Paint ONLY).

Large game format.
50-100 people expected to come out.
Great way to give back to the community and play paintball!


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