Lost Paintball Field

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Lost Paintball Field
4701 Hilliard Road
San Marcos, TX 78666
Hays County County

San Marcos Paintball Field

Lost Paintball Field is an outdoor paintball field located near Victory gardens, Austin, San Antonio and Highland in San Marcos, Texas.  Lost Paintball Field is also convenient to Woodcreek and other cities in Texas.  See the chart below for distances and drive times to other cities and points of interest.

Lost Paintball Field is one of the most fun paintball fields in Texas.  It was started and continues to be run by a paintball enthusiast (as you might expect).  He  brings a super cool perspective to create a unique and fun field.   

Good view of the woodsball field Group of frinds at lost paintball
Ready for action! Players pose while relaxing between games


Lost Paintball Field Description

Hidding beind bunker player at Lost Paintball field
Recycled planks make for great bunkers! Players ready to pounce on fun at Lost PB

Lost Paintball Field is located on a big wooded area and consists of several fun and challenging courses.  Lost Paintball Field also features a variety of other field types.  You'll find an air ball field as well as woods courses. 


Woods ball Course"

Fun behind the bunker at lost paintball Running up on a bunker
lots of great shields at Lost

Lost Paintball Field features a lot of recycled planks and trees for cover. using the holes to snipe is fun.


More Woods Paintball Course

Guy walking off the field at Lost Paintball Another player walking off the field at Lost Paintball
player signals himself as killed Another dead man walking

Weather you win or lose, Lost PB offers a ton of fun.


Air Ball Paintball Bunkers

Airball Field at Lost Paintball Lost Paintball Airball field
the air ball course is unique and super fun

The air ball at Lost Paintball Field lends itself to several interesting types of games.

Covered safety area

Safety area- staging area Safety area photo at Lost Paintball
players at Lost PB getting ready for the next exciting game

The Safety zone at Lost is great for activities such as birthday parties, snacking, and reloading between games.

More of the plank Paintball Bunkers

Runing though the bunkers at Lost Paint ball another view of the rec field at lost paintball field
Stealthy players get ready for the kill!

The wide open areas at Lost add a fun way to show bravery as you run across them.

Field Paint Only

Lost Paintball Field is a "Field Paint Only" paintball field (FPO).  This means that only paintballs purchased from Lost Paintball Field on the day of play may be used at Lost Paintball Field.

Alcohol and Drugs

For your safety and the safety of others, the consumption of alcohol or other drugs that may impair your judgment or coordination is not allowed before or during your visit.  Do not bring alcohol onto the premises.  Lost Paintball Field reserves the right to eject any player(s) without refund that its employees think may be impaired or bring alcohol or other drugs onto the premises.


Distances and Drive Times to Lost Paintball Field

Lost Paintball Field is ideally located for people living or traveling in San Marcos, Texas.

The chart below shows distances and drive times to Lost Paintball Field from nearby  cities and points of interest:

Texas Cities


Drive Time

San Marcos, Texas

8.8 miles

24 minutes
Victory Gardens, Texas

9.9 miles

28 minutes

Austin, Texas

36.5 miles

53 minutes

San Antonio, Texas

59.1 miles

1 hour 13 minutes

Highland, Texas

9.4 miles

26 minutes

Woodcreek, Texas 11.8 miles

29 minutes



Texas Points of Interest


Drive Time

Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

8.7 miles

23 minutes

John J. Stokes San Marcos River City Park, San Marcos, Texas

10.4 miles

28 minutes

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Austin, Texas

44.4 miles

59 minutes

Hawker Beechcraft International Airport, Antonio, Texas

54.7 miles

1 Hour 10 minutes

Distances and travel times provided by Google Maps on 04-19-2011
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