Just Bring It Paintball

Paintball Field Details

Just Bring It Paintball Range (Closed)
409 E 97th South
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Bonneville County

Idaho Paintball Field

Just Bring It Paintball Field is now closed.  They do not plan to re-open.

Just Bring It Paintball Field is an outdoor paintball field west of Yellowstone National Park in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Just Bring It Paintball is convenient from Rexburg and Ashton Idaho.  See the chart below for distances and drive times to other cities and points of interest.

This player is hiding behind one of Just Bring It Paintball's inflatable bunkers.

This player is hiding behind one of Just Bring It Paintball's inflatable bunkers.

Just Bring It Paintball Field Description

Just Bring It Paintball Field is located on farmland and consists of 1 airball field.  An airball field uses inflatable bunkers like the ones in the photos.   The style of play on an airball field is very much like what is shown in televised paintball tournaments.

The field is grassy and very well maintained.


Private Paintball Parties

Just Bring It Paintball Field is an ideal place for private paintball parties.  This includes birthday parties.  People from age 12 to their fifties are having a great time playing paintball.

Just Bring It Paintball is ideally located for people travelling to or from Yellowstone National Park.

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Alcohol and Drugs

For your safety and the safety of others, the consumption of alcohol or other drugs that may impair your judgement or coordination is not allowed before or during your visit.  Do not bring alcohol onto the premises.  Just Bring It Paintball reserves the right to eject any player(s) without refund that its employees think may be impaired.


Distances and Drive Times to Just Bring It Paintball

The chart below shows distances and drive times to Just Bring It Paintball from nearby  cities and points of interest:

Idaho Cities


Drive Time

Ashton Idaho 59.5 miles 1 hour 20 minutes
Chubbuck Idaho

49.7 miles

52 minutes

Pocatello Idaho

51.6 miles

56 minutes

Rexburg Idaho

34.1 miles

52 minutes

Rigby Idaho

21.0 miles

37 minutes


Wyoming Cities


Drive Time

Alpine, WY

78.8 miles

1 hour 41 minutes

Jackson, WY

95.2 miles

2 hours 18 minutes





Points of Interest


Drive Time

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

115 miles

2 hours 21 minutes

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

108 miles

2 hours 35 minutes


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