Eastside Paintball :: Letter to Walk-On Players

Letter to Walk-On Players

Letter to Walk-On Players

We regret to inform you that Eastside Paintball will no longer be able to accommodate Walk-On paintball or airsoft players every week.

(Private Groups are still available 7 days per week.)

Available Walk-On Hours

Eastside Paintball will be open to Paintball Walk-Ons for a scenario game the Last Saturday of each month only.

Eastside Paintball will be open to Airsoft Walk-Ons the Last Sunday of each month only.

Reasons for Change

During these uncertain economic times we have seen less patronage.

We have had several difficulties due to Eastside's remote location. We are having almost constant trouble with burglaries. In fact, we have had more than $8,000 in equipment stolen in the last few weeks. This means that we can no longer keep any equipment on site.

Since we can no longer keep anything on site, we have to haul it in every time we open. This significantly increases our employee costs.

We are having a difficult time finding enough qualified referees to oversee Walk-Ons. Getting someone who is capable of pulling a trailer is a problem

We want to make it so that Walk-Ons have more people to play with and limiting the available days will do that.

We are trying to improve our service to Walk-Ons. Skinny Joe’s has the ablility to maintain longer hours. There is already a larger number of Walk-Ons at Skinny Joe’s.

The Scenario Games draw a larger number of players and add greater structure to the games.

Skinny Joe’s Paintball

Our sister field in Arlington will remain available to walk-ons every Saturday and Sunday. You can get complete info here or call (425) 402-6042.

Skinny Joe’s Paintball Park
17022 Burn Rd
Arlington, WA 98223

From RD

I apologize for this. We have spent many weeks agonizing over this decision and trying to find a way to avoid it. We found that there is no feasible way to avoid this decision.

On a positive note, we think that this change will ultimately result in better service, bigger games and more fun for Walk-On players.

Thanks for your understanding.
RD Means

(Remember Private Groups are still available 7 days per week.)



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